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A Pilot Study of Optometry Student Perceptions, Acceptance and Use of Podcasting

  Background “Lecture capture” is a process in which digital recordings of live lectures are shared with students. Its purpose is to increase engagement with lecture material and to increase student satisfaction.1 “Full” lecture capture includes video and audio,2,3 but it can be challenging to introduce because it requires suitable infrastructure such as cameras and […]
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Long-term Follow-up of Suspected Vaccine-Induced Papillitis: A Teaching Case Report

  Background Optic neuritis results when the optic nerve becomes inflamed. Two major clinical presentations of optic neuritis exist: typical demyelinating and atypical. Typical demyelinating optic neuritis is the most common presentation and includes the following features: acute monocular vision loss (which typically improves after two weeks), pain on eye movement, visual field defect and […]
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Hyperopia and Presbyopia: A Teaching Case Report

  Background Presbyopia is an age-related refractive condition that results from the normal decrease in amplitude of accommodation necessitating a prescription of plus for near vision.1 Presbyopia is a common condition in patients over age 40 that most optometrists in practice encounter daily. The techniques for determining the appropriate near prescription for a presbyope are […]
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Teaching Optometry Students How to Study Actively

Students enter optometry college with varying undergraduate backgrounds and a wide variety of study skills. They are eager to learn but are not always prepared to learn for mastery: the deeper understanding of material that can be recalled and applied later to clinical situations. In optometry college, cramming for exams and/or trying to memorize everything […]
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Coming in April

Stay tuned to your Inbox for the announcement that the Spring 2016 issue of Eye on Education — the online newsletter from the Association of Schools and Colleges of Optometry (ASCO) — is available. The issue will include the latest news about ASCO initiatives and activities as well as items of interest from the schools and […]
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Upcoming Theme Issue Will Focus on Diversity and Cultural Competence

Optometric Education announces that a future edition of the journal will focus on the theme of Diversity and Cultural and Linguistic Competence. The edition will focus on the diversity of our students, faculty and profession and all aspects of cultural and linguistic competence, including professional, organizational and individual responsibility. The deadline to submit articles for this theme edition is Dec. […]
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Deadline Extended for Upcoming International Optometric Education Theme Edition

International Optometric Education: Global Expansion and Transformation (New deadline to submit papers: June 1, 2016) Over the past 20 years, the profession of optometry has undergone dramatic global changes: expanding scope of practice, increasing quality assurance expectations, significant diversification of students, and the accelerating impact of information technology. Underpinning these changes has been the critical […]
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Do Our Students Really Possess Information Literacy?

In 2011, the Board of Directors of the Association of Schools and Colleges of Optometry (ASCO) approved an updated “Attributes of Students Graduating from Schools and Colleges of Optometry” report. The report represents contemporary thinking about the requisite competencies for new graduates of optometry degree programs. It states that graduates are “responsible for ongoing self-learning […]
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