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When Early Intervention Fails to Improve Outcomes
in Neovascular AMD

In the Summer 2017 (Volume 42, Number 3) issue of Optometric Education, we presented a teaching case report titled “Normotensive Glaucoma Follow-Up with Incidental Finding of Choroidal Neovascular Membrane.” The case highlighted the need for student clinicians to be flexible and modify their exam plan when novel clinical findings emerge. The patient had presented for […]
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Retinoschisis: a Teaching Case Report

Background Retinoschisis means “splitting of neurosensory retina.”1-3 In the various forms of retinoschisis, patients may present with or without symptoms. The condition can be unilateral or bilateral and it can be peripheral or central. Acquired retinoschisis and X-linked (juvenile) retinoschisis are the major subtypes mentioned in the literature. Senile, acquired, degenerative, and peripheral retinoschisis are […]
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Virtual Patient Instruction and Self-Assessment Accuracy in Optometry Students

Introduction Decision-making in a clinical context is defined as “making choices between alternatives in order to decide what procedures to do, to make a diagnosis, or to decide what treatments to prescribe.”1 We developed a virtual patient software to teach these skills to second-year optometry students at Aston University. This software was inspired by Pane […]
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It’s Time to Apply for a 2018 Educational Starter Grant

ASCO and The Vision Care Institute, LLC, an affiliate of Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Inc., are pleased to announce the opening of the application period for the 2018 Educational Starter Grants. The grants, which have been available for the past several years, are dedicated to supporting educational research. They are a great opportunity for […]
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Keeping Disruptive Technologies in Perspective

In 1997, in his book “The Innovator’s Dilemma,” Prof. Clayton Christensen from Harvard Business School introduced the term “disruptive technology.”1 In the book, Christensen distinguishes sustaining technology from disruptive technology. He characterizes sustaining technologies as those that introduce small changes that improve the performance of an existing technology. He describes disruptive technologies as those that […]
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Hypertensive Choroidopathy: a Teaching Case Report

Introduction Patients with hypertension often present with ocular findings of hypertensive retinopathy. In 1898, Marcus Gunn first described hypertensive retinopathy to include generalized and focal arteriolar narrowing, arteriovenous crossing changes, retinal hemorrhages, cotton wool spots and disc edema. Later, fundus findings in hypertensive choroidopathy would be described to include Siegrist streaks25 and Elschnig spots.26 Three […]
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