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Faculty Perceptions of the Impact of Electronic Medical and Health Records in Optometric Education in the United States and Puerto Rico

Introduction In 2001, the Institute of Medicine, which was established by the National Academy of Sciences as an independent advisory organization, advocated for the extensive use of information technology that would “lead to the elimination of most handwritten clinical data by the end of the decade.”1 This information technology (digital records) became known as electronic […]
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Acquired Toxoplasmosis Manifesting as Granulomatous Panuveitis: a Teaching Case Report

Background This case report follows the diagnosis and management of a patient with unilateral granulomatous panuveitis including differential diagnosis, diagnostic lab testing and treatment. The case is an unusual presentation of uveitis, and it is a useful educational exercise to consider the differential diagnoses and potential treatment options. The intended audience is third- and fourth-year […]
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Teaching Ocular Imaging, Disease Diagnosis and Management Within a Work-Integrated Setting: a Novel Model Within an Optometric Education Program

Introduction Technological advancements in ocular imaging are rapidly redefining the way eye diseases such as glaucoma and macular degeneration are diagnosed and managed in optometric practice. In Australia, the scope of practice of optometrists has expanded with the increasing accessibility of advanced imaging technologies as well as therapeutic endorsement of more than 50% of the […]
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Ocular Chrysiasis: a Teaching Case Report

Background The following case report is meant to be used as a guide in teaching optometry students and residents. It is relevant to all levels of training. Ocular chrysiasis is a deposition of gold in ocular structures following chrysotherapy, which is the medical use of gold salts. Chrysotherapy was primarily used to treat infectious, rheumatoid […]
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Thank You!

ASCO extends its sincere thanks to the following sponsors of the Ophthalmic Optics Educators Special Interest Group and the Low Vision Educators Special Interest Group!   OPHTHALMIC OPTICS EDUCATORS SIG   Michelle J. Hoff, OD, ABOAC, FNAO, Associate Clinical Professor at the University of California – Berkeley School of Optometry, is an individual contributor to […]
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@ Our Wit’s End with Unprofessional Student E-mails

Traditionally, out-of-class communication between students and faculty involved meetings during office hours or informal meetings. These meetings have been shown to contribute to a positive student outcome.1-3 Today, e-mail communication between students and faculty is common at all levels of education. It provides students with a convenient and efficient method of interacting with faculty outside […]
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