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Optometric Education Beyond Borders

The state of Sinaloa in Northwestern Mexico, not very far from the Arizona border, is home to one of the oldest and largest universities in Mexico, the Autonomous University of Sinaloa (UAS). UAS has existed for 146 years in an area of great beauty created by rivers, beaches, mountains and forests that is also challenged […]
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Winning Clinical Ethics Essay
Addresses Familiar Tough Topic

ASCO and its Ethics Educators Special Interest Group are pleased to announce Negar Sohbati as the winner of the 2019 Student Award in Clinical Ethics. Negar is a member of the Illinois College of Optometry’s Class of 2020. Her winning essay, “Optometrist as Mandatory Reporter: What is Our Obligation to Keep the Roads Safe for […]
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Personal Financial Planning in the Optometric Curriculum

Ample evidence affirms that student indebtedness is a major challenge facing graduates of health professions schools.1 The cost of education has increased for nearly all health professions programs while reimbursement for providing care has decreased. Data from the Association of Schools and Colleges of Optometry (ASCO)2 show optometry school graduates with loans owed $174,165 on […]
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Optic Neuritis Associated with Multiple Sclerosis:
a Teaching Case Report

Background Optic neuritis is an acute inflammatory demyelinating injury to the optic nerve. Optic neuritis is the presenting feature in up to 20% of multiple sclerosis (MS) patients and occurs in up to 50% of MS patients at some point during their lifetime. The two most common symptoms of acute optic neuritis are vision loss […]
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Conjunctival Lymphoma: a Teaching Case Report

Background This teaching case report describes the diagnosis and care of an otherwise healthy 24-year-old Asian male with conjunctival lymphoma. The case report is appropriate as a teaching guide for optometry students at all levels. It provides a thorough review of conjunctival anatomy and physiology along with explanations of key findings, common clinical presentations, differential […]
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Interactive Multimedia Learning vs. Traditional Learning in Optometry: a Randomized Trial, B-scan Example

Introduction With the advancement of technology and increased use of electronic devices, interactive multimedia learning has been a point of interest in medical education.1,2 Interactive multimedia learning is defined as online instruction that combines multimedia formats (text, video, audio, images) with activities that help the learner apply and receive feedback on their understanding.3,4 Whereas traditional […]
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The Benefits of Vision Screening as a Mandatory Component of a First-Year Optometry School Curriculum

Introduction There is consensus among healthcare professionals that their education is enhanced by early “hands-on” experience with patients. Students rate these experiences as a valuable introduction to their professional roles in clinical practice.1-5 This alternative model of health professional education includes didactic courses with simultaneous early exposure to direct patient care. It contrasts with the […]
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Reaching Out to Generation Z:
ASCO Launches Optometry Gives Me Life Campaign

In any academic environment, it is important to attract high-quality applicants. Success in this area depends on the public’s awareness of the profession and the ability to connect to future potential applicants. For optometry schools, the next applicants are the college-age members of Generation Z. To connect with them, ASCO recently embarked on an ambitious […]
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