Quality Assurance In a Cornea and Contact Lens Service

Heidi Wagner, O.D.
Lester E. Janoff, O.D., M.S. Ed.
Arnie Patrick, O.D.
Et al.

Writing Committee (alphabetical order):
Terrence N. Ingraham, O.D.; Andrea M. Janoff, O.D.;
Lester E. Janoff, O.D., M.S. Ed.; Mary S. Loshin, O.D.;
Arnie Patrick, O.D.; Julie A. Tyler, O.D.;
Heidi Wagner, O.D.; Christopher E. Woodruff, O.D.


The impetus for the establishment a cornea and contact lens specialty quality assessment and (QAI) program was in managed care provider. The purpose of the program was to improve the quality of patient care in the cornea and contact lens service through the application of traditional QAl tools. Tools utilized included a patient satisfaction survey, a medical record review, provider credentialing, and clinical privileging. A successful QAl program has the potential
to improve clinical education by increasing the quality of patient encounters, enhancing clinical management and documentation skills, reducing medical-legal risk and defining quality patient care.

Key Words: Managed care, quality assessment and improvement, record review, patient satisfaction survey, provider credentialing, clinical privileging

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