Optometric Education

The Journal of the Association of Schools and Colleges of Optometry

Optometric Education: Volume 47 Number 2 (Winter-Spring 2022)

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Desiree Ifft

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Distribution Agreement Broadens Access to Genetic Eye Test

Eye doctors can now obtain the AvaGen genetic test (Avellino Lab USA Inc.) through Keeler USA.

AvaGen is the first genetic test that helps to determine a patient’s risk for keratoconus and the presence of TGFBI corneal dystrophies. It allows for earlier detection of these conditions and more confident patient management to help protect and preserve vision.

The test examines 75 keratoconus-related genes and more than 2,000 variants of those genes to develop an actionable genetic risk score for keratoconus.

New Device for Vision Assessment Combines Three Measurements

The Myopia Master from Oculus is the first device to combine axial length, refraction and central corneal radii measurements. According to the company, this combination of measurements makes the instrument much more than an auto-refractometer and opens new patient care possibilities for eyecare professionals.

The Myopia Master uses interferometry to measure axial length, a method that is quick, contactless and not influenced by the accommodation status of the eye. The device can be mounted on a workstation or ophthalmic table, and the software is operated directly via the built-in display.

Visit www.myopia-master.com/us to learn more.

Elementary School Vision Clinic Reflects Company’s Values Around Diversity

Earlier this year, in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and in service of parent company EssilorLuxottica’s ongoing commitment to fostering diversity, Transitions Optical’s Diversity Advisory Board partnered with OneSight to host a one-day vision clinic at Deerwood Elementary in Kissimmee, FL.

According to Patience Cook, Director of North America marketing for Transitions Optical, “In alignment with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s value of equality, it was the goal of all involved in the clinic to help provide access to high-quality vision care services to those students who may not have the transportation or resources available to receive a comprehensive eye exam or learn about the importance of eye health. We aspired to educate and enable all students, especially those within the multicultural community, of which research shows are more often disproportionately affected by eye diseases and vision loss, to learn the importance of healthy sight and help improve their vision so that they may see life through a clear lens. With the help of our Diversity Advisory Board members, who represent expertise in the largest and fastest-growing minority demographic groups in the United States, we also hoped to spark student interest in optometry, ophthalmology and opticianry so that they may help to advance equity and increase representation in the eyecare industry when they get older.”

Through TransitionsPRO.com/Multicultural, the company provides free resources to help eyecare professionals better serve and improve communication with their culturally diverse patients. Those interested in being involved with the Transitions Diversity Advisory Board can contact cservice@transitions.com for more information.

Online Learning Center Aims to Raise Awareness About AMD

To build awareness around age-related macular degeneration (AMD) and help the public understand that vision loss may be more than a typical sign of aging, eye supplement manufacturer MacuHealth relaunched its Learning Center.

The Learning Center not only includes the latest news about the company’s products but also features educational articles about AMD, information about the eye and advice from Jim Stringham, PhD, the company’s Chief Scientific Officer. MacuHealth plans to continue to add content to the site throughout the year.

On-Demand Webinars Highlight Myopia Management and Refraction Technologies

Eyecare providers can gain instant access to free on-demand educational webinars from Topcon Healthcare. Currently available webinars are “The Evolution of Refraction” and “Myopia Management 101: The Importance of Measuring Axial Length.”

“The Evolution of Refraction” highlights recent innovations in refraction and methods for delivering care in the modern healthcare landscape. New England College of Optometry faculty members discuss how they have been able to integrate these tools into their clinics and evolve their educational curricula to build the next generation of clinical practices.

“Myopia Management 101: The Importance of Measuring Axial Length,” presented by Maria Liu, OD, MPH, PhD, FAAO, University of California – Berkeley School of Optometry, covers the clinical and scientific importance of integrating axial length measurement into a pediatric myopia management practice.