Optometric Education

The Journal of the Association of Schools and Colleges of Optometry

Optometric Education Volume 46 Number 2

Optometric Education Volume 46 Number 2

Call for Papers for Theme Edition:
Diversity and Cultural Competence in Optometry


Butterfly-Shaped Pattern Dystrophy:
an Observational Teaching Case Report

By Hyoung I. Lho, OD, An T. Hoang, OD, Erika M. Perzan, OD, FAAO, ABCMO, and Kelsey D. Smith, OD

Sleep Irregularity and Academic Performance

By Matt Valdes, OD, FAAO, Deidre Rios, MS, PhD, AHIP, Allison Rocha, BS, and Keila Rodriquez, BS

Assessment of the Utility of 3D-Printed Interactive Models in the Vision Science Classroom

By D. Joshua Cameron, PhD

Student Perceptions of Cultural Competency

By Crystal Lewandowski, OD, FAAO, Thomas Andrea, OD, FAAO, and Christopher Patrick Taylor, PhD

Student Satisfaction with an Objective Structured Clinical Examination in Optometry

By Patricia Hrynchak, OD, MScCH (HPTE), FAAO, DipOE, Jenna Bright, BSc, MSc, OD, Sarah MacIver, BSc, OD, FAAO, and Stanley Woo, OD, MS, MBA, FAAO

Unforeseen Outcomes of Remote Learning

By Aurora Denial, OD, FAAO, DipOE

Does Self-Regulated Test Duration Correlate with Vision Science Test Score in First-Year Optometry Students?

By Patricia M. Cisarik, OD, PhD, FAAO, and Melissa Powers, MS

Amelanotic Choroidal Melanoma:
a Teaching Case Report

By Kristen Stuart, OD, and Shephali Patel, OD, MS, FAAO

Industry News


Faculty Development to Improve Teaching Skills of Optometric Educators:
Experiences of a Healthcare Organization

By Jessica T. Servey, MD, MHPE, FAAFP, Kevin M. Jackson, OD, MPH, and Thomas McFate, PhD

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