Optometric Education

The Journal of the Association of Schools and Colleges of Optometry

Optometric Education Volume 43 Number 2

Optometric Education Volume 43 Number 2

Hypertensive Choroidopathy: a Teaching Case Report

Kristin Richwine, OD, FAAO, Diana Mah, OD, FAAO, and Kevin J. Mercado, OD, FAAO

Keeping Disruptive Technologies in Perspective

Aurora Denial, OD, FAAO

It’s Time to Apply for a 2018 Educational Starter Grant

Virtual Patient Instruction and Self-Assessment Accuracy in Optometry Students

Bhavna R. Pancholi, PhD, MCOptom, and Mark C.M. Dunne, PhD, MCOptom, FHEA

Retinoschisis: a Teaching Case Report

Megan Alberts, OD, FAAO, Jennifer Sutter, OD, FAAO, and Kelli Payne, OD

When Early Intervention Fails to Improve Outcomes
in Neovascular AMD

Ryan Bulson, OD, MS, FAAO, and Ambar Faridi, MD

Industry News

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