The Development of Entry Level Low Vision Rehabilitation Competencies in Optometric Education

Rebecca L. Kammer, OD
Richard J Jamara, OD
Elli Kollbaum, OD
Tracy Matchinski, OD
Roanne Flom, OD


The purpose of this study was to determine entry level vision rehabilitation competencies for graduating optometrists and to examine the level of agreement about those opinions using consensus methodology. A mixed methods consensus approach to define competencies in entry level low vision rehabilitation was used. The study extended 6 months, incorporating online surveys and a 2-day meeting. Twenty entry level low vision competencies were approved by the Association of Schools and Colleges of Optometry in 2009. A 2-level approach to the education and practice of low vision may be a solution to the call for trained doctors who can meet the growing need in the current low vision landscape.

Key Words: Low vision rehabilitation, optometric education, competencies, consensus methods, entry level low vision.

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