Best Practices in Debt Management for Optometry Students A Roadmap from Inquiry to Graduation

Barbara W. Brown, OD, FAAO
Tami Sato, BS
E. Thomas Billard, MBA
Kelly Bugg, BS
Jessica A. Carson, BS


Debt management can be a significant problem for all students pursuing higher education today, not just optometry students. Learning how to manage debt begins before students enter an optometry program and continues, in some cases, after graduation. In 2008, the Association of Schools and Colleges of Optometry (ASCO) gathered information from the financial aid administrators at ASCO institutions. They provided information on how they helped students minimize their debt. This paper presents the input from their responses and shares some of the best practices at specific optometry institutions that can be used to help optometry students at different stages of their optometric education experience.

Key Words: Student debt management, best practices

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