A Portfolio to Assess Clinical Competencies, Assist Learning and Develop Professionalism in Eye Care Education

Benoît Tousignant, OD, MSc, MPH
Julie Brûlé, OD, MSc, FAAO
Rènée Du Toit, MPhil(Optom), MPH



Background: Formative assessment can assist students in acquiring clinical and professional competencies. Many tools exist in medical education literature, assessing various components of learning. However, using multiple processes is administratively complex.
Methods: Using best practice in medical education, we integrated multiple processes into a portfolio for the Postgraduate Diploma in Eye Care. Results: The portfolio contains objective structured clinical examination guidelines, mini-clinical evaluations, learning journals, performance appraisals and patient feedback to assess development of competencies, assist learning and provide feedback to staff and students. Evaluation by supervisors and students showed good portfolio face validity and acceptability.
Conclusion: Similar clinical portfolios could be applied to competency-based optometry programs.

Key Words: education, assessment, competencies, optometry, portfolio

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