Functional Vision Loss in a Community Health Care Setting: A Teaching Case Report

Amy Roan Moy, OD, FAAO
Brian J. Pietrantonio, OD, MS
Erika Perzan, OD


Functional vision loss (FVL) is loss of vision that cannot be attributed to a pathological or structural cause and is often associated with psychological issues. This teaching case report will help students in their understanding of the overall role of the primary care optometrist in the diagnosis and multi-disciplinary management of a child with functional vision loss. From this case, students learn how to think critically when their exam results do not match a patient’s complaint, coordinate interdisciplinary communication, effectively communicate with children and their parents about sensitive issues, and manage patients with psychosocial issues.

Key Words: functional vision loss, non-organic vision loss, multi-disciplinary, community health, visual field, psychological, primary care, optometrist, methylphenidate

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