Impact of Interactive Instructional Tools in Gross Anatomy for Optometry Students: a Pilot Study

Patricia C. Sanchez-Diaz, DVM, PhD



Background and significance: Virtual resources have become a popular way to enhance lecture and laboratory instruction; however, there is no experimental data assessing their effectiveness in optometry. This study evaluated the effects of different interactive strategies on student motivation and learning outcomes.

Methods: Sixty-five optometry students were assigned to control and intervention groups for the anatomy laboratory. Post-laboratory quizzes and questionnaires were used as assessment tools.

Results: Although questionnaires revealed a positive response, no significant differences were found in quiz scores between the intervention and control groups.

Conclusion: Interactive and audiovisual instructional resources might increase student motivation in anatomy. This may be beneficial for healthcare programs without cadaver labs.

Key Words: optometric education, gross anatomy, interactive instructional tools, audiovisual instructional tools

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