A Novel Approach to Bridge the Gap Between Didactic and Clinical Education

Elizabeth Wyles, OD, FAAO
Heather McLeod, OD, FAAO
Geoffrey Goodfellow, OD, FAAO


Purpose: Primary Care Conference is a hybrid project-based approach to learning that utilizes clinical cases to help bridge the gap between what happens in the classroom and the expectations of clinical performance. 

Methods: Timed and image-rich clinical cases are presented to students via a learning management system and then later in class with discussion. 

Discussion: Primary Care Conference provides benefits to both students and faculty members. 

Outcomes: These cases appear to assist with clinical thinking development. 

Conclusions: Primary Care Conference is a novel format that provides the benefits of problem-based learning but in a large class setting.

Key Words:  learner-centered, problem-based learning, critical thinking

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