Scholarly Productivity Related to Academic Rank in Optometric Faculty

 Aurora Denial, OD, FAAO


Background: Achievement in scholarship has become an integral component in a faculty member’s success within an institution. The purpose of this study was to evaluate optometric faculty productivity specifically in the area of peer-reviewed journal publications with regard to success in academic achievement. Methods: Survey questionnaires were emailed to 198 optometric faculty members to elicit information related to career facts such as dates of promotions, tenure and type(s) of advanced degree(s). Scholarly productivity then was assessed using an Internet database search. Results: The data indicated several trends and characteristics of faculty who have reached the level of full professor. The median number of publications associated with advancement from assistant to associate was: 2.5 for the OD group, 1.5 for the Master’s group, 6 for the OD/Other Doctorate group, and 5 for the PhD group. The median number of additional publications in advancing from associate to full was: 4.5 for the OD group, 7 for the OD/Master’s group, 8.5 for the OD/Other Doctorate group, and 8 for the PhD group. Conclusion: Information provided by this study can be used as a guide for junior faculty, review boards and mentors. 

Key Words: scholarly productivity, optometric faculty, scholarship, academic promotion

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