Impact of Optometric Residency Training on Future Career Paths: A Survey of Perceptions of Optometry Students, Residents and Alumni

Nicole Quinn, OD 
Stacey Keppol, OD 
Shannon Bligdon, OD 
Stacy Lyons, OD


Background: Knowledge regarding the perceived impact of optometric residency training on a future career path is limited. Methods: Fourth-year optometry students, residents and alumni from the New England College of Optometry were surveyed regarding perceived benefits of residency training and career path. Results: Students and residents shared similar reasons for pursuing residency training and preferred similar modes of practice to residency-trained alumni. The mode of practice chosen and degree of participation in professional activities differs between alumni who completed residency training and those who did not. Conclusions: Survey respondents shared similar views regarding the perceived benefits of residency training and its impact on a future career. 

Key Words: optometry residency, optometric education, mode of practice

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