Optometry Students’ Attitudes about Team-Based Learning

Patricia K. Hrynchak OD, MScCH (HPTE), FAAO 
Marlee M. Spafford, OD, MSc, PhD, FAAO


Background: Team-based learning (TBL) is a method for fostering critical thinking skills in high functioning teams. This study examined optometry student attitudes about TBL. Methods: Students (N=91) completed a 15-item, five-point, Likert-scale survey regarding their attitudes about two consecutive four-month TBL courses. Four peer evaluation items were added to the second survey. Mann Whitney U tests (p=0.05) compared course differences. Results: Term response rates were 95% and 98%. First-term student satisfaction across four categories was: team experience (4.29), quality of learning (3.75), clinical reasoning ability (3.96) and professional development (3.78). There were significant second-term satisfaction increases with 8 of the 15 statements and no significant decreases. Peer evaluation satisfaction was 3.58. Discussion: Optometry student satisfaction with TBL was favorable and improved with additional experience. 

Key Words: team-based learning, student satisfaction, optometric education, teaching methods, evaluation

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